Hi I'm Dave; I'm from Surprise, Arizona. Been with Fivestar for 11 years. Extremely happy with the program. We get no hassles with insurance forms or approvals from insurance companies. We love the savings because just from the cleanings in one year I get charged $45.00 for the first cleaning; my second cleaning is entirely free. And we are extremely happy! We were recommended by friends, Joe and Julie, 11 years ago.


Hi my name is Michael. I’ve been using Fivestar Dental for 6 years. It’s been recommended to me by a bunch of my golfing buddies. I’ve been seeing the same physician for the last 6 years. No complaints, good product, good staff, good service. I’d recommend it to anybody.


Hi I’m Michele we’ve been using Fivestar Dental for 6 years now. We found a dentist out in the West Valley who we really like. We use them mainly for preventative stuff, and the product has really helped us out with savings, just with our cleanings and exams. Thank you and I hope you sign up!


Hello my name is Judy and I’ve been a member of Fivestar Dental for about 9 years. I had an incident on the golf course, eating candy, and broke my front tooth. And I was referred by my friend, Jan, to Dr. Donoho, in Sun City, and as a result of that was introduced to Fivestar Dental. I love the program, it has saved me many dollars, because I’ve had veneers, and crowns, and a lot of the expensive things done to me over the last 9 years. I would highly recommend it to the people who live in Arizona, and even to people like me who are snowbirds who come down here and have their dental work done.

Dennis and Colleen

I’m Colleen and we have been with Fivestar Dental for 3 years. We heard about it on the internet. We chose a doctor, and he is only a mile from our house, so that’s wonderful. And he has been doing an excellent job for us. I would definitely recommend this plan. The prices have been very fair, and we just are definitely going to stay with them.


My name is Ed. I’ve been a Fivestar customer for at least 10 years. I had a very good experience with the company. And in one situation that I’ve had 10 crowns over the years. And each time I’ve saved at least $600.00, which translates to $6,000.00. The only problem I have with the company is they are not national. We are in the Midwest 6 months of the year and they are not there. That is because we are snowbirds. Over all I am very, very pleased with the company, and to put it in prospective $60.00 to $70.00 a year translates to $600.00 for a $6,000.00 savings. That is a very good deal!


Hi my name is Joan and I’ve been with Fivestar for over 7 years and I absolutely love it. I’m a gal that anybody who knows me knows that I love bargains. I shop for bargains where ever I go. And I’ve had a bad experience with dentists over the years. I had one when I was about 18, and I hated going to the dentist and didn’t go for maybe 40 years. And somebody said you need to start going, but I don’t like the cost of dentists and they hurt, and I’ve had bad experiences so I just said I’m not going to a dentist. But I heard about Fivestar and I decided I needed two things. One thing is find a good dentist, which I found in Grand Dental over in Surprise, and they are wonderful. And also the cost was right because it’s 50% off of what a normal dentist is for cleanings and for a crown, which I needed. So I am very happy with my dentist now and I’m very happy with Fivestar. And I find that the people are friendly and I just feel real comfortable. Because I’m always looking for bargains and I love the 50% off. When you sign up with Fivestar the prices are fantastic. You can afford going to the dentist and they don’t hurt!


Hello my name is Janet. Twelve years ago my husband and I moved to the valley and were given a Welcome Package, with Fivestar Dental in it. This is how we found our Periodontist and our dentist. We absolutely love them! My husband needed a complete job done on his teeth, we saved thousands of dollars. I recently had to have a bridge where I saved a thousand dollars. I cannot recommend Fivestar Dental more. Join!


My name is Dianne and I’ve been retired for 8 years. When my husband and I retired we initially purchased a dental plan with monthly payments, and then when they raised them we looked for something else. Our dentist’s receptionist suggested the Fivestar Plan. It has just one annual fee, so we went with that plan. The very first year, while on vacation, I broke a tooth and needed a crown. I saved $750.00 off my crown, which was $1,500.00. I feel like for the 5 years we have been in the plan that it paid for 10 years worth of annual premiums for our fees for the plan. We’re very pleased and thank you for listening!


My name is Larry and I’m pleased now, for 5 years, recipient of the Fivestar Dental Plan. My wife and I were referred by our dentist. It’s been a great experience for us. One of the features I enjoy most is the fact that we can use the dentist of our choice. It wasn’t predetermined who we can go to. We have had a great experience with it. It has been an economical choice for us, and we appreciate the advantages.


Hi there, my name is Helene, my husband and I have been members of Fivestar for 22 years. We first became introduced to it by an insurance agent. At that time we were a little bit leery, but through the years we became happier and happier each year that we had signed up with Fivestar. The caliber of dentists is terrific, the care is terrific, and the best part about it is, if there are ever any problems you are taken care of without any problem. It is the best fit in the world, and we are very pleased to be members of Fivestar.


Hi my name is Judy and my husband and I have been with the Fivestar Dental Plan for several years. We compared the Fivestar Dental Plan to a number of other dental plans. And we also spoke with people in our dental office that we trusted to ask questions, and it was very favorable answers. And they recommended that we stay with Fivestar Dental Plan. It was cost effective for us and so that is why we are still with the Fivestar Dental.

William and Mary

Good morning, my wife, Mary and I have been a part of Fivestar Dental for almost 8 years now. We learned of their nice services from a retired dentist in our community. They’re convenient, they’re consistent, and we have enjoyed Dr. Onet and her professional handling, and the ease and convenience of using their service.


My name is Helen and I have been a member of the Fivestar Dental Plan for 3 years now. I’m very, very happy with the plan and I am very happy with my dentist’s office. I had to have a lot of work done in 2014 and 2015 and the Fivestar Plan really helped lower my out of pocket cost. And I am thrilled with the plan.

Gary and Marilyn

My name is Gary this is my wife Marilyn. We have excellent dental care. We have taken good care of our dentistry, and part of the reason for that is because of the benefits we’ve received from Fivestar Dental Plan.


Hi I am Dr. Pat Steiner, and I really care about my teeth. So I went and looked for the best dentist I could possibly find. And I got lots and lots of recommendations for, Dr. Reese Turner in Peoria. He’s fantastic! And he said to me on the first visit, “you have to sign up for Fivestar Dental Insurance, they are the best. And they are going to cover a lot of your expensive. And we use them for all their patients.” So sure enough I signed up for the insurance. It has been fantastic! I have saved a lot of money with Fivestar, and I am recommending it to my friends and family. Absolutely the best!


Hi my name is Anna, and I have been a member of Fivestar for 12 years. I found them while I was looking for a way to get a discount on getting my teeth done, as I didn’t have dental insurance. At one point I need to change dentists and Fivestar helped me in finding another dentist. And I‘ve been very satisfied with the help at Fivestar. I have just been very pleased with Fivestar and plan to continue being with them.


Hello my name is Chris, and my wife and I have been members with Fivestar Dental for 2 years. We’ve been retired 10 years, and discovered just how expensive dental work could be. Since we’ve been with Fivestar Dental our dental bills have been 50% less. And the greatest testimonial I’ve heard about Fivestar Dental came from my dentist’ receptionist, who mentioned of all the plans they carry, Fivestar Dental is their best deal. So we’ve been pleased.


Hello my name is Joanne and I have been a member of Fivestar Dental Plan since 1999. Over the years I have saved a considerable amount of money on my dental work. For routine cleanings alone I’ve saved more than what I pay in the annual fees. I like the fact that the annual fees are so low as well; they’re even lower than the competitors for Fivestar. I also like the fact that so many of the dentists have been with the plan for a considerable amount of years, and that’s nice to see. All in all I think the benefits are great and I am very happy with the plan. Thank you


I’m Randy I’ve been a member of Fivestar Dental Plan for about eight years now and my wife and I have enjoyed quite a bit of savings. We enjoy getting free x-rays once a year, we save a lot of money on dental work as well as our cleanings. So we been very happy with Fivestar Dental and would encourage anybody to join.


Hello my name is Wendy, and I moved here from Florida a year ago and called Fivestar Dental Plan after having some problems with some teeth that I had done in Florida, originally. Then I came to Dr. Grieb through the Fivestar plan and they were fantastic. Dr. Grieb fixed a couple of the teeth. The people here at Fivestar made sure that I was taken care of and that I received the discounts I was suppose to. They were wonderful discounts. They been really helpful to myself and my family. I would recommend them to anyone, and I wish everyone luck in finding Fivestar Dental.


Hi my name is Mary Shelly, I came to Fivestar Dental Plan, I called it, I found it in the yellow pages. I was referred to a dentist office. I went the very next day. I got my tooth extracted and the savings was great. I took a couple of hundred of dollars and I only spent sixty eight dollars, and I was really impressed with the service of Fivestar Dental Plan.

Dr. Ali Bipar

Hello my name is Dr. Bipar, I’ve been with the Fivestar Dental Plan since 1992. I would like to talk a little bit about our clinic and what makes us different than the others. We utilize some of the highest technology in infection control. So pretty much all the water, all the air that is coming towards the patients is sterilized at the same time. I think most patients are worried and afraid about pain. We also utilize special equipment that we can reduce the pain of the patient almost by fifty to fifty five percent. We also utilize injection without the needles and also lasers and many other equipment that makes the experience of dentistry a lot more comfortable for the patient. All the other offices are fine but what makes us different, we like to make the patients as comfortable as humanly possible during the treatment and post operative. Thank you.


Hi I’m Beverly, and I’ve been with Fivestar Dental Plan for like 6 years, with Dr. Pham. I’ve been very, very pleased with everything. I would definitely recommend the service to whoever would be able to use it. And a friend of mine did recommend me, and it has worked out very well. So I would say anyone who would be interested in the dental plan should for sure, really use Fivestar.


Hi I am Lora, I’ve been a member of Fivestar Dental Plan for five years. I’ve been very pleased with the program, the annual fee is very affordable. They have plans for singles, couples and families. There is even a discounted fee for seniors, sixty two and older. There is a savings of forty to fifty percent on dental procedures performed by participating dentists. Fivestar Dental is a great plan to be with.


Hi my name is Lisa, and I’ve been a happy member of Fivestar Dental for over five years now, and I’m pleased to say not only do they have great customer service, but my dentist, Dr. Donoho and his staff are wonderful to work with. And you see I’m on a limited income and Fivestar Dental has given me so much savings throughout the year that it would be beneficial for anyone to get this dental discount plan.

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