About Fivestar Dental

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kimes started his career as a dentist in the United States Navy in the 1940’s. Upon his release from active duty he went into private practice in Northern California.

Fivestar Family Choice Dental Plan was created in 1984 by Dr. Chuck Kimes, a visionary individual who realized the needs of thousands of people requiring dental care at an affordable price.

After much research, the company originated in Arizona. Fivestar started out small and expanded cautiously into other states; “Cautiously” in order to keep Dr. Kimes’ goal of excellent customer service and excellent Dental Providers.

In 1984, Dr. Kimes’ commitment to Fourstar’s members was to be “number one” in customer service with a qualified live person to answer your questions. Presently, with thousands of members in nine states, this remains Fivestar’s commitment.

Fivestar also has a proven and committed panel of dentists and dental specialists.

We are happy and proud of our success! We look forward to our continued success and devotion to our goals of QUALITY care for all our subscribers at an affordable price!

With the start of the New Year, 2021, we celebrate our 37th Anniversary. We have now grown our company to a “FIVESTAR DENTAL PLAN” status!

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